What is Inbound Tourism?

Inbound Tourism is occurring in a country, when visitors come to him living in other nations with the intent to remain a limited time on it, and then travel to other countries or return to place of origin.

Roberto Boullón categorized as one of the great myths of tourism statement follows: “The World Tourism Organization says that the most important thing in Argentina, Latin America and around the world is the Inbound Tourism.”

The powers of Tourism Studies, the economists ranked and the Ministry of Tourism Office reaffirms the myth and act accordingly: the veneration by tourism, they say, will cause an increase in tourists arising outside the borders of our country and strengthen Argentina’s image abroad, which is why guides, graduates, technicians and qualified in tourism must handle different languages and refine them during their training, passing a background geography, history and culture of our country.

Causes Inbound Tourism foreign exchange earnings and balance of payments balances but how local economies benefit of Mar del Plata, Villa Carlos Paz or Merlo with this situation, resorts to receive, in most cases, 98 percent of national or regional demand? For them, every tourist is a receipt of money and your system is maintained by domestic tourism.

It is not foolishly ignore the positive effects of incoming tourism, perhaps a very important part of our future is tied to him is to recognize the fundamental importance today is the domestic tourism for the country. There are, in Argentina, more than 10 resorts worldwide. Welcome, however, foreign tourists who decide to visit, but do not limit our objectives and strategies derived from this type of tourism.

Work, therefore, the domestic tourism, let’s roots as a basis to receive, as for the international tourist. And if we boast to enhance the importance of incoming tourism listen to the protagonists: the foreign tourists, who seek comfort, convention centers and modernity and those who call in Puerto Madryn, in Niagara or the Upsala Glacier without intervention biome nor any human modification.

In this regard it is extremely important work in some ways that promote domestic tourism and contribute to a better product responsive, commercial aviation policy of our country, the excessive concentration of air traffic in Buenos Aires, lack of awareness of many local and low participation and valuable that many young professionals have in the public and business chambers, where they tend to perpetuate certain figures with a specific political weight but low fitness in the field of tourism.

Inbound Tourism numbers improves the macroeconomy, such that, hopefully one day we locate between the first world countries, domestic tourism produces (among many other effects) a redistribution of income, nearly a priority for a country plagued by inequalities and privileges.

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